Unique in the industry, Quark Automation can offer a full range of integrated technologies in partnership with QuarkIT and Quark AudioVisual. This includes:

Integrated Systems Engineering & Consultancy

Systems Engineering is one of the most important things we do at Quark Automation. With accredited experts designing and implementing system solutions, you can be assured that the utmost attention to detail has been given to your project, not only by the Consultancy expert whom you first met with, but by a team of experienced experts who follow through with your project from start to finish.

Systems Engineering typically involves a range of diverse products. Each project and its requirements are unisue. A product or combination of products that is perfect for one installation may not provide the best solution in another. This is where our expert staff can examine your requirements and advise you of the options that are best suited to your needs.

Getting your system solution right for you is what drives us. If there is a way to do something better, our Engineering team will find it. Systems Engineering is a process that takes into account the desired outcomes, budget, physical factors and most importantly, the end user. Throughout this process, all the needs and requirements discussed with you by our Consultants are examined as a whole and the complete solution is looked into from every angle. This is the point where our experts ask the "What if?" questions of the products selected so that you never have to.

Our Engineering documentation is provided following completion of the Engineering design.

Where applicable, documentation may include (subject to Intellectual Property and Contract terms):

  • Electrical systems layout
  • Data and communications systems layout
  • Security, Intercom and Access control systems layout
  • AudioVisual services layout
  • Single-line diagram for A/V schematic
  • Conduit layout
  • C-Bus™ module schematic/C-Bus™ key switch/touch panel schematic
  • Light circuit schematic (for applicable lighting systems)
  • Cable run list
  • Hard copy and/or digital copy of manufacturer manuals
  • C-Bus™ project files, C-Touch™ Monochrome/Colour touch panel GUI & program files (also supplied to Clipsal® Integrated Systems only, for registration purposes, subject to Intellectual Property agreements)

C-Bus™ Control and Management Systems

A name recognised for quality and innovation, Clipsal® has been in our homes and part of Australian life since the 1920s. During the early 1990s, we saw the introduction of the Clipsal® Energy Management System, which came to be known as C-Bus™ (Clipsal-Bus). Over the years, the C-Bus™ Control and Management System has achieved success not only in Australia, but worldwide, becoming the "Gold Standard" for Home and Commercial lighting and power control.

Over the years, many small and big name brands alike have flooded the market with their go at a version of C-Bus™. Some have worked, many failed. Over eighty years in the Australian market with a solid electrical understanding and now the resources of Schneider Electric (one of the biggest electrical and electrical technology based companies in the world), C-Bus™ is the only lighting and power automation control product that has proven itself to us as reliable, capable, flexible, affordable and desirable - coming with the complete backing of the manufacturer in ways other brands could never hope to.

Quark Automation can design, supply, program and install C-Bus™ in both commercial and residential projects, ranging from the beautiful and functional to the truly sophisticated and fully-automated. As part of the flexibility offered through C-Bus™, Energy Management may also be incorporated.

Our residential division is a point.One™ Accredited Integration Professional company.

Our commercial division is a Platinum Certified Partner.

C-Bus™ Platinum Commercial Solutions

Quark Automation IBS is one of a VERY select group of certified Platinum integration partners. This means that, in addition to our already higher standards of C-Bus™, DALI Control and Health Care/Aged Care system delivery, integration and support; our team of professionals are certified and manufacturer-backed as consistently and professionally delivering quality integrated solutions for corporate, government, health care/aged care and other commercial clients seeking the energy management benefits, reliability and flexibility of a high-level automated control system.

Platinum Partners implement C-Bus™ and DALI technology consisting of sensors, user interfaces and control modules, then integrate these with other systems to tailor a solution that meets your specific needs. In today's world of carbon footprints, Green Star energy ratings and government led initiatives such as the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and the National Built Environment Rating Scheme (NABERS), there is a hard dollar incentive to make every building as green as it can be.

See here for further details.

Aged Care/Health Care Solutions

For Aged Care and Health Care technology solutions that are flexible, configurable and reliable, the answer is Quark Automation IBS. Call Assist, Nurse Call, Emergency Response, Intelligent Building Integration, Device Monitoring and more. Vieo™ and Merlon™ Aged Care/Health Care solutions are delivered through both our Quark Automation IBS and Quark IT divisions and can be integrated with Cisco® Call Manager, IBM® Vocera, DECT and more.

AMX® Control, RMS and Commercial AudioVisual Systems

For control and automation, switching, distributed audio & video and technology management, AMX® solutions are renowned throughout the world for the very best in technology solutions for conference rooms, homes, classrooms, network operation/command centers, hotels, entertainment venues, broadcast facilities and more. Quark Automation specialises in delivering scalable AMX® technology solutions for standalone A/V and resource technology applications, or as an integrated solution with C-Bus™ for intelligent home or commercial applications, particularly as a preferred solution for the education and entertainment industries.

Crestron® Control and Media Systems

For the ultimate experience in streamlined Systems Integration, Quark Automation combine the benefits of C-Bus™ with the powerful AudioVisual experience of Crestron® Control Systems. The Crestron® range includes high-end residential audio and video matrix switchers, wireless web tablets, touch panels and sound servers for a quality multi-zone A/V experience, through to media control systems, lectern-mounted A/V touch panels and advanced sound processing for boardroom, stage, education and other commercial audio applications.

Commercial AudioVisual and Home Theatre

Quark Automation can provide stand-alone AudioVisual packages through to completely automated and multi-room A/V systems. From high-end quality to audiophile, we use a selection of proven products and technologies engineered as a complete package solution.

Whether you require an easy to use system with sound and Pay TV/DVD in every room, or a Home Theater to rival the local multiplex, our experts can step you through the best products tailored to your needs.

Don’t want to see the equipment? No problem. Quark Automation specialises in delivering maximum performance with a mind to aesthetic integrity. We have a range of in-ceiling/in-wall speakers, motorised lifts for plasma/LCD projector and other screens, distributed A/V, equipment mounting and custom-programmed touch screen system controllers.

From background sound in restaurants to houses of worship, lecture theatres and clubs or bars, Quark Automation can develop a reliable and comprehensive system solution for all your commercial AudioVisual needs.

Interactive White Boards, AV Classrooms, Boardrooms & Lecture Theatres

Whether standalone or in conjunction with an advanced A/V media system such as Crestron® or AMX®, our interactive white board solutions based on the class-leading reliability and performance of Promethean ActivBoards will add a new dimension to your presentations.

Security, Access Control, Intercoms & CCTV

Whether you are looking for basic alarm functionality for your Smart Home, through to alarm and surveillance monitoring of your residence from anywhere in the world, Quark Automation has the System Solution for you.

Quark Automation can provide video intercoms, indoor/outdoor and underwater surveillance cameras, digital PVR recorders, proximity card and biometric scanners for keyless entry and remote monitoring/surveillance via Internet connection.

Alarm and/or intercom functions can also be integrated into your lighting control systems and other Smart Home facilities as part of the overall Integrated System design.

Structured Wiring Solutions

Structured wiring is often a misunderstood term used by many people to describe A/V or data packages in a home or building. In reality, structured wiring, or smart cabling as it is sometimes referred to; is the physical wiring infrastructure for the technologies in and Integrated/Automated Solution.

Typically, a structured wiring solution will have one primary services location (usually a rack) where telephone, data, TV and audio points are distributed from to all key areas throughout the building, and distributed lighting, power and services control system networked throughout. This may involve just a pre-wire solution getting ready for what could be added at a later date, or it may involve a partial fit-out as preference or budget prescribes.

It is important to acknowledge that in practical terms, complete lighting systems cannot be pre-wired for smart control. This needs to be planned and implemented from the beginning of your project for the very best and most cost effective results. Quark Automation can provide structured wiring solutions for all your intelligent lighting, services, Audio/Visual and data requirements.

VoIP Telephony

Voice over IP (VoIP) is an exciting technology that is fast changing the way we think about home and business telephony. Benefits can include savings on local, long-distance and international phone calls. VoIP systems can be developed in partnership with our Quark IT division as part of your residential or commercial application, including multi-dwelling residences or suburban developments.

For more information on our IT services, please visit www.quarkit.com.au.

SMB IT Services

Through our Quark IT arm, we can provide standalone computer systems (including laptops) to corporate clients and multi-user wired/wireless networks, through to commercial quality small to medium business enterprise servers and system solutions. We can even develop your home or business computer systems as an Integrated Solution to control/monitor your lighting, Audio/Visual, HVAC and security systems.

For more information on our IT services, please visit www.quarkit.com.au.

C-Bus™ Programming and Diagnostic Services

Quark Automation offers C-Bus™ programming and diagnostic services to electrical contractors, Clipsal® Approved Installers and end-users who want the best from their C-Bus™ system.

Quark Automation can also audit pre-installed systems or inspect systems during installation to ensure that the recommended standards set by Clipsal® have been applied to your installation. This can assist in providing peace of mind that the system you are working or living with will operate as the manufacturer intended.

Quark Automation Services