Quark Automation steps you through a personalised development program from consultation with our expert staff through to Systems Engineering, Project Management and system tuition. Your needs are unique as an individual, family or business. Only an Integrated System professionally tailored to your personal, aesthetic and environmental requirements will give you the complete System Solution you are seeking.

Working with Quark Automation

If you are in the process of building or looking to commence works, we cannot emphasise enough the need for accurate and well developed documentation and meticulous project management.

Over the years, we have heard too many horror stories of projects going wrong and costing the client money and time because the company involved did not engineer projects, follow specifications, or was not qualified for the task. It is for this reason that we conduct systems engineering with accredited experts and use experienced Project Managers on-site to manage and maintain the integrity of our projects.

Quark Automation demands more of the team involved in your project. We ask if you have a data-qualified electrician, a lighting plan and a digital copy of floor plans because we need to monitor the works and progress of your project with the utmost attention to detail. It is unfortunate that many companies work by the seat of their pants. In some cases, experience means that most times, they get it right. "Most times" just isn't good enough - especially if yours happens to be one of the "other times". In our opinion, experience should not be the only guarantee proffered as an indication of delivering a quality project.

Professional design, documentation and communication are key attributes to a successful project. When everybody is working off the same page, the same plans and with a clearly defined goal, your project will run more smoothly with the result you deserve to expect. Systems Integration should not be left to chance. If you are looking to build or tendering on a project, please don't hesitate to speak to us as soon as you have a copy of the plans. If your consultant, architect, builder or electrical contractor has not discussed Systems Integration with a Certified Platinum Partner, ask them to bring in the experts. Quark Automation's team uses certified Integration/Control System designers, High-level Programmers, Lighting Designers, Audio/Visual Engineers, and IT experts to deliver the system solution you are seeking. Competitive professional tenders, simpler and more effective project delivery, that is the Platinum edge. Quality Engineering costs a lot less than the alternative. Don't leave your technology solution to chance.

Quark Automation Process